Grandfather with MC medal. Trying to find the 24th London Regemint action detail.

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    Hello experts.

    My grandfather (2nd Lt. Charles Victor Keeble 2245) has a reference in the London Gazette, 16th August, 1917 to receiving the MC. Reviewing his Medal Rolls index card I cannot see any specific reference to the MC. The MRIC says that he started with the 20th London Regiment then has 3 other references to the 24th. I can find some good information about the 20th at ( but little on the 24th. The other unusual item on the MRIC is that from private he was promoted to Lt, then Capt and back down to Lt! I can understand that there were field commissions but did they take them away again?

    So, the questions?

    1. Were can I find more information on the 24th London Regiment 1915-1920?
    2. The detail on the actual event where he was awarded the MC? War Diary's? His service records? Dispatches (if there are such things)?
      1. I am planning to visit the National Archive at Kew in April. I know 60% of the WW1 records were destroyed in Sept 1940 so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    3. Were can I find detail of the promotion and demotion?

    I have attached the London Gazette for reference.

    In anticipation to your help. Thanks
    P.S. Second time trying to post this! I must have failed yesterday!

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    Re: Grandfather with MC medal. Trying to find the 24th London Regemint action detail

    Hi Graham,

    Not sure we are experts in here but just willing helpers, haha. Question 3 is easy, his promotions and demotions would be in the London Gazette.
    Information on his regiment would be coming from war diaries, and also the Regimental museum.
    Surrey History Centre
    130 Goldsworth Road
    GU21 6ND
    Tel: 01483 518737

    You can also check to see if his war record survived before travelling to Kew by checking on It won't show you the record unless you have a subscription but if it exists it will show up in a search.


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