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  1. Mort Homme

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    Here is a special type of granatwerfer 5 cm used on a german coastal fort in Norway during the war. This is a originally french Mortier de 50 mm Mle 1937 used as "beutewaffe" and renamed as Festungsgranatwerfer 210 (f). Originally they were placed in a steel cupolas in french fortifications read: The Maginot line. The germans used lot of "beute" weapons on their coastal fortifications on the Atlantic Wall.
    Take a look at the pictures and make your comments.
    Anybody who knows what kind of value a such thing can have and are there many left after the war?

    Two of the pics show the weapon and the crate, the other picture shows the german solution on a concrete pedestal/base and the drawing shows the french original solution.

  2. Adrian Roberts

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    It looks like a single-shot grenade-thrower, or it could possibly be described as small mortar.
    It must have been very inaccurate, and the size of the round would mean it wouldn't do much damage.
    German coastal defence gunners got very good results just using a machine-gun, as a Omaha beach.

  3. Kyt

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    It seems to have a lot of work done, especially that addition of the trigger. One wonders how desperate the Germans were for weapons when they went to all that effort for what was in affect an very inaccurate weapon, even with that extended mortor tube. And a 5cm mortar shell cant have had that much of a punch, except against personnel.

    As to value, well that is very much upto who wants it, and what condition it is.

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