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    6 October 2014
    Finally, the U.S. Army has been called in to pit its Apache choppers against ISIS!
    The coalition bombing and straffing runs have indeed been effective, but ISIS is still reporting that civilians are being killed by our forces.
    With the advent of our Apaches, we can exact a more strategic Impact taking out the small pockets and munitions of the enemy without the heavy collateral damage.
    I hope the U.N and whatever countries will allow the military to do their jobs this time. Keep the Nobel peace prize winners out and the generals in.
    Sometimes when your body isn't doing well you can't just baby it to get better. A good size dose of castor oil will probably solve the problem. A little distasteful, but it puts things into harmony in the "end."
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    Who does not know that diplomacy/politics or whatever you may say, is the catalyst of each and every conflict and this contamination makes all the things a mess!
    Party-politicians, diplomats etc. should gonna stop for making the gens and the war depts as the chopstics of their bowl!
    I openly exempts the NPP laureats from the issue, atleast for they aren't harmful to our society as the parties/diplomats are! Their Indulging into every military protocol always makes every conflict a mess. Only we are responsible for, since we gonna ellect 'em ..
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    Go Army! Be safe and return home safely please!

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