Gilbert Jessop

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    Theres a lot of information about Gilbert and his cricket days on the web .... but can't find out too much about his time in the Manchesters !! :confused: ..... does anybody have anything ??

    He played his last innings in first-class cricket just before the First World War in 1914.

    During the war, Gilbert, was promoted to the rank of Captain in the 14th Service Battalion, Manchester Regiment, speaking at recruitment drives encouraging men to join up. He was invalided out of the Army with heart problems in 1917 and after the war wrote modestly of the golden age of cricket, two novels for schoolboys and a manual, Cricket and How to Play It .

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    I think this is his service record at Kew:

    WO 339/15674 Jessop G L, Capt. 1914 - 1919


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