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  1. Andy M

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    Can anyone give me a name or post a photo of the vehicle that the German SS offices would have used. A color photo would be great if one is available. Or if there is somewhere that describes the paint scheme. I need the info for a project I'm working on and want to get the details right.

    Thanks for the help!


  2. Kyt

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    Hi Andy,

    though the SS itself would have used a number of vehicles, often commendered civilian ones, the most common for the Waffen SS, like the Army and other forces, would probably have been the Kubelwagen. Due to my ongoing connection problems searching for pictures is still a problem but a search for Kubelwagen+SS in google images should turn up a number of pictures.
  3. Andy M

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    Kyt -

    Thank you much for the help! Greatly appreciated.


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    Late replying to the post, did you get your information you needed? Was wondering if you meant the Waffen SS or Allgemeine SS, or one of the branches of the SD?
    There was not one particular vehicle used but if you are looking for a combat vehicle the theatre of operations would have dictated the camouflage scheme.

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