German MP-40 Sub Machine Gun

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    German MP-40 Sub Machine Gun

    MP-40 submachine gun, with shoulder stock opened
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    MP-40-II submachine gun, with sliding dual magazine housing (see insert)
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    Caliber: 9x19mm Luger/Para
    Weight: 4,7 kg loaded, 4,03 kg empty
    Length (stock closed/open): 630/833 mm
    Barrel length: mm
    Rate of fire: 500 rounds per minute
    Magazine capacity: 32 rounds
    Effective range: ca. 100 meters

    MP-40 was also produced in a number of variations, which differed in shape of certain parts; also, toward the end of the war, several production shortcuts were introduced to save the costs of manufacturing. probably the most interesting variation of the MP-40 were the MP-40-II and MP-40-II. These guns featured dual magazine housings which hold two magazines in a laterally sliding bracket. This increase the total ammunition capacity "in the gun" to 64 rounds, in a desperate attempt to catch up with 71-round magazine capacity of Soviet PPSh-41. The later variant, MP-40-II, was made in limited numbers, but turned out to be a failure - sliding dual-magazine housing was a constant source of jams and failures, and was very sensitive to dirt and fouling.
    Nevertheless, MP-38 and especially MP-40 submachine guns were of good design, and set the pattern for so called "second generation" of submachine guns ("first generation" being represented by the wood-stocked and carefully machined MP-18, MP-28 and the like). The second generation weapons usually were of compact design, and made using mostly steel stampings and pressings, or castings.
    It also must be noted that many MP-40 that survived the WW2, continued to serve up until late 1970s or early 1980s, in few European armies such as Austrian or Norwegian.

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