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    Struggling on posting pics but if this works this is the bottom of an anvil made by a German pow in France

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    trench art style 1.png
    Lovely piece it would be nice to see the other side please. All these types of trench art have there own little stories of history thanks for posting. I collect trench art pieces and also hand craft pieces for a gallery. My Grandfather worked for (Napier engines, (light fighter aircraft engines) in london during WW 2 as a toolmaker he made this type of art for troops in his spare time when the gaffers were not about, He made penny lighters,halfcrown & florin rings,spitfire pennies,put & takes,dice,match safes/strikers all sorts of amazing things for gifts. When I was a kid I would often visit him and listen to his lovely story's of the war years. He had his own little workshop were he made things for friends and his art he would show me how it was done and eventually I was allowed to have a go on the machines. Sadly he passed away in 1990 but before this in 1980 he got me into work as a toolmaker. Today I recreate the art which he inspired me to create for family keepsakes in the trench art style.
    Here is some pictures of my work inspired by my Grandad Roy Green, keeping history alive.
    Best regards Gary.
  3. You have some awesome items there with some amazing talent
    I'm attempting here to post a pic of the anvil there are two of them I recently found in paps basement after he died he left a note attached to them telling what and where they came from IMAG1538-1.jpg
  4. If not for this little note he left with them really would of had no clue on them IMAG1539-1.jpg

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    Hi Mike,
    Lovely little item thanks for posting, Wish it could talk and tell us its story. Thank you also for your kind comments.
    Best regards Gary.

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