Georgetown, South Carolina Raid

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    January 24, 1781:

    The raid on Georgetown, South Carolina occurred on this date. 200 British soldiers defended Georgetown and American forces under Lieutenant Colonel "Light Horse" Henry Lee and Brigadier General Francis Marion conducted the raid.

    Marion was also known as the "Swamp Fox"...he earned this nickname because he often struck the British, retreated into the swamps and disappeared with no trace. Marion is considered to be one of the first American military leaders to use guerilla warfare. Mel Gibson's character in the film "The Patriot" is loosely based on Francis Marion.

    Marion and Lee, leading the Continental forces, arrived in Georgetown without the discovery of the British and were able to conduct the raid and capture three officers, one among them being the British Commander. Major General Nathaniel Greene had recently arrived in the Carolinas and aided Marion in planning the strategy.

    Of interest is the fact that Thomas Sumter, the other inspiration for Gibson's "Patirot" character, was nursing a wound and was replaced by Francis Marion. Loyalists had burned Sumter's plantation and Sumter returned their conduct with like tactics. The raid on Georgetown, South Carolina would lead to other military actions, including a defeat of the British cavalry at Haw River, North Carolina. The Haw River action took place about one month after the Georgetown raid.
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    Thank you for this information! I enjoyed reading your new thread !! Yes, the Raid of Georgetown, South Carolina was one of my favorite things in US History and i really have no idea. It just interests me very greatly!! :)
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    I am privileged to know this information. Quite inspiring I should say. The character of Patriot symbolises the essence of this tale.

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