George William Valentine Clements

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    Egypt was the base, not where he saw action. The Ridge is in Palestine
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    Thanks both, the Wiki bit was interesting and would explain his subsequent posting to India... Perhaps it's folklore but the story has it that he went on into Iraq with local fighters but I note it was getting towards the end of the War when he was in Palestine??

    He was very modest about his medal and apparently claimed he had no choice but to charge into the enemies trench positions as he couldn't go back. He also used to say that when he dived into the trench he landed on an enemy officer that hastened the surrender, sadly as with much of my family he apparently never talked about it much.

    Once again thanks both for your help and interest...

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    I see that Baghdad was captured in 1917 so it is quite possible he was in the vicinity...
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    He was a Corporal in the Norfolks before commisioning to Indian Army.
    Dont purchase the MIC ill post a copy from ancestry on Rootschat later this evening.

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    Here's the MIC Ady found !! :) thanks Ady !

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    Thanks for the MIC Ady, much appreciated.. :)
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    I have attached the enlistment record for George Weston Clements (son of George William Valentine), he seems to have joined the Norfolk Regiment in 1906. Does anyone know where the Norfolk Regiment served between 1914 and 1916?


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    Hi Dan !

    Here's the 2nd Battalion .....

    August 1914 - in Bombay in India. Part of 18th (Belgaum) Brigade, 6th (Poona) Division of Indian Army.
    Moved to Mesopotamia, landing 15 November 1914.
    29 April 1916 - battalion captured after being besieged at Kut-al-Amara. Details and transport that had not been at Kut joined similar detachments of the 2nd Dorset and formed a composite battalion, named the Norsets. This was broken up on 21 July 1916, as the battalion had been reconsituted by the arrival of new drafts.
    February 1917 - transferred to 37th Brigade in 14th Indian Division. Remained in Mesopotamia.
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    Thanks Annie,

    My dad and uncle have been helping locate details regarding George William Valentine Clements and I can fill in some of the gaps from his service record.

    He enlisted with the 1st Royal Dragoons on 18th August 1846 aged 15 and served in the ranks until 23rd March 1870 (23 years and 219 days).

    According to the record he served at home between 18th August 1846 to 4th May 1854
    Turkey and Crimea - 6th May 1854 to 13th May 1856
    And was back home between 14th May 1856 to 22nd March 1870
    He was appointed Quartermaster on the 23rd March 1870 and was in the United Kingdom and retired on the 8th May 1880 (still don't know why he rejoined in WW1)

    He fought in the battles of Alma (18th September 1854), Balaklava (25th October 1854), Inkerman (5th November 1854) and the siege of Sebastopol (Oct 1854 to 8th September 1855) under Lord Raglan and General Simpson.

    He was awarded the Crimean medal with 4 clasps and the Turkish Medal. His medals are with my fathers cousin in America.

    And finally according to the original record document he was 5ft 11 1/4 inches tall..;)
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    You've probably seen these already ... but as I love medals I'll post these sites with pictures anyways !! :D Singles.htm

    Scroll to ......

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