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    from details of his subsequent service in the Indian Navy he seems to have served in the FAA rather than the RAF

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    A tribute in an Indian Navy Aviators site reads as follows:
    Commodore George Douglas, DFC, VSM, was born 06 Mar 1915 in the UK. He received his education at Liverpool, Beatly A Vickers and University College at Southampton. He joined the Royal Navy as a Naval Aviator picking up his wings on 06 Jul 1947. He seconded to the Indian Navy in the rank of Lt Cdr on 20 Mar 1949.
    He was the architect of today's naval aviation. During his illustrious career, he held command of IN Ships Sutlej and Rajput (Captain 11 DS). He was the commissioning Commanding Officer of INS Garuda (as well as erstwhile INS Venduruthy II). He set up the Air Staff Division at NHQ as DASD (Director, Air Staff Division) between 24 Apr 58 and 16 May 1960 and subsequently was Commodore, Naval Aviation (CONA) from 06 Apr 62 till he left service on 30 Nov 66. He graduated from DSSC Wellington in 1956 and National Defence College in 1961. He was recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross for Ops and Vishisth Seva Medal.
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    Hi sudhir, do you know when exactly and for what he received the DFC?
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    May he rest in peace.

    Welcome aboard, Sudhir.

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