Generals of World War II

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  1. Though many of you may already know it. I just want to mention that I have today made update of the database of World War II generals at The database now contains more than 21100 generals. A lot of new informtion and photos has been added, so I hope that you will find the database useful.
  2. sniper

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    Hi Steen,

    The website is awesome and i have used it in the course of my research a few times. Keep up the good work.

  3. After a long time preparing it a new update was made yesterday. More than 400 generals have been added to the database bringing the number up to 21502 generals covered. I added photos on more 500 generals.

    Otherwise a lot of information has been added to the American, Chinese, French and Japanese generals.

  4. teamrose

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    Wow, what an extensive amount of research you've done. Were there no generals in the marines. Your site is very addictive. I keep going back to see what end a particular general met.
  5. 225JacobeC985

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    Great website bro! I wish I had a chance to find this when I had to write a paper on a few generals. But I know I will need it for next semester so I bookmark it. Thanks alot!!
  6. Vladimir

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    Steen, your effort is nothing short of breathtaking. It would have taken ages to compile all that information, which otherwise would have been lost for ever.
  7. Akolt

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    Really thanks for this, been looking for some generals for days now! This helped me out a lot +1 !

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