Generalleutnant Gunther Rall, RKz.. RIP

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    Gunther Rall, third highest scoring fighter pilot of all time, and later C-in-C of the West German Luftwaffe, has died aged 91.

    A brave and honourable man.

    A couple of over-simplifications that I noticed in this article:
    In the first line it says that he was one of the few outstanding German fighter leaders to survive the war: in fact the two-highest scorers, Eric Hartmann and Gerhard Barkhorn, also survived.
    Rall's role in introducing the F104 Starfighter post-war is mentioned, but it omits to mention that he was largely responsible for reducing the horrendous accident rate of that aircraft to normal levels - partly due to him fight-testing the aircraft personally.

    Generalleutnant Günther Rall - Telegraph


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