Gen Helmuth Von Moltke

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    Gen Helmuth Von Moltke May 25 1848 - June 18 1916

    Usually called Helmuth von Moltke "the Younger" or "the Nephew," to distinguish him from his famous uncle of the same name.
    Moltke ‘the Younger’ grew up and lived his life in the shadow of his famous uncle, known as ‘the Elder’. Decorated for combat in the Franco-Prussian war, afterwards he became the military comrade and drinking companion of Crown Prince Wilhelm. From 1882 to 1891 he was part of his uncle's official entourage. When the latter died and Prince Wilhelm became German kaiser, Moltke was appointed to high military posts which kept him in Berlin and close by: he was one of the kaiser's best friends.
    Moltke the Younger fought in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and rose to become a Field Marshall and Chief of the German General Staff (1906-1914). His cautious handling of the initial German attacks in World War I is often blamed for the German defeat at the Marne in Sept. 1914, after which he suffered a nervous breakdown and was dismissed. Moltke's health continued to deteriorate and he died in Berlin on 18 June 1916 during the funeral for Marschall von der Goltz -
    Moltke died a broken man - probably of a heart attack - he was buried in the Invaliden Friedhof in Berlin - in Section B, but his grave is now unmarked

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