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  1. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore New Member


    I have joined due to my work on my Family tree, and a developing history in the British, Australian, and Canadian Military.

    I hope to add many positive comments and information.

  2. thomas pendrake

    thomas pendrake Active Member

    Welcome, I just wonder if you pursue your family tree enough will you find a few branches in the U.S., as I have known a number of people named Moore (several close friends over the years) here in the States. Anyway, British, Canadian, and Australian forces have a long history of overlapping service with ours (more together than opposing).
  3. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore New Member

    Thank you Thomas.

    I actually do have some connections with members of US Forces, including the Revolutionary War, but they aren't Moores.

    I am actually looking at the campaigns in the Mediterranean at the moment, I had relatives who served with the Fifth Army at Salerno - a member of the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment; my grandfather who served with the British Eighth Army; and someone more esoterically related serving in the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in the 1st Canadian Corps, as a part of both Fifth and Eighth Armies at different times.


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