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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who served in, and survived, The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Here's another of the more anonymous players.

    Holford, G played for England

    Internationals: 2 : 1920 W- F+

    G Holford was born in 1886

    Played as a Lock for: Linden School, Gloucestershire

    Profession: The Army/omnibus driver

    War service: Possibly Pte 3419, Manchester Regiment (G F Holford)

    Remarks: Capped at 34

    He died on n/k
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    IN the Gloucester rugby club records they call him George.He captained Gloucester in the two seasons either side of WW1. scrum.com have him christened Jonathan George Holford.
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    Virtually all of Gloucester’s playing membership joins the 5th Gloucestershire Regiment. Eighteen were to die, many were seriously injured.
    Three of those who returned went on to play for England and to become Club Captains - S. Smart, Tommy Voyce and George ‘Biddy’ Holford.
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    Thanks. Like most references, the RFU Centenary History didn't have his given names.

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    One of Gloucester's most famous players, Tom Voyce, wrote that Holford had 11 children.
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    Good Grief ... and he was still able to play rugby ?? :rolleyes:
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    He obviously had at least two interests in life. Though I suppose that he lived in the days before television, and didn't have that to help him pass the time.


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