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  1. I will admit, this movie turned out to be better than I thought it would. The story is gripping and has you on edge for the majority of its length. I would recommend it to anyone who would be interested.
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    The Tank Museum at Bovington in the UK has a Fury Exhibition, it helps that both the Sherman and Tiger I in the movie are owned by the museum, and the museum staff helped crew the vehicles. It was a shame that on the day I visited, the Fury Sherman was in the workshops undergoing maintenence.

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  3. GearZ

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    I haven't seen it yet. While I normally watch anything remotely World War II in films, I can't stand Shia LaBeouf, so I've skipped this one thus far. I guess that isn't fair and I should give it a shot though.
  4. Ya, Shia isn't my favorite either but he did ok, thats right just ok, in this movie. Better than he did in Indiana Jones thats for sure, lol.
  5. GearZ

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    LOL! It would be hard to top his work in Indie. Actually, strike that, he did worse in the sequel to Wall Street. ;)
  6. aghart

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    The Fury Tank is back on display. fury1a.jpg fury1b.jpg
  7. Awesome, thanks for sharing the pics aghart!
  8. machineryman

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    Wow, such a powerful tank that one :) Thanks for let us show those pics.
  9. superbobby

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    I thought movie was decent. I expected it to suck but I was wrong. It had good tank battle scenes that I've never seen in previous war movies before and that sold it for me.

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