Frederick William Boyne Wildgoose

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    I have very few details about the above person, but with a name like Wildgoose I'm hoping I might be able to find out a bit more about him (my husband's Great Grandfather).

    He was born in about 1887 in Kent, the next bit of info I have is that he married in Rawalpindi, Bengal, India in 1916.
    I'm assuming he was based there as a soldier, but have no idea who he would have served with, when he arrived there, I do know that he returned home to UK before 1922.

    Does anybody know where I could possibly begin to find out more about the area he was in at that time, why might he have been there, regiments who may have been in that area?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Charlotte,

    Welcome to the forum

    I Have found a Frederick William B Wildgoose born in kent in 1887 in
    There is also two service records for Frederick William b Wildgoose in the 1914 and 1918 war also on here is the link click on it then scroll down and check each one that has Frederick W Wildgoose

    I cant access the file as i have to renew my membership but you can get a free 14 day trial

    also on this link you can get his medal card click link then scroll down to Frederick W Wildgoose to see if its him
    hope this helps if i find more will let you know


  3. CharlieGoose

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    Thanks for the info, will give them links a try and let you know ;-)

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