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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who died during The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Thompson, Frederick [Herbert] played for Australia

    Internationals: 5 : 1913 NZ- NZ- NZ+ (1t) ; 1914 NZ- NZ-

    Frederick Thompson was born in 1890 in Maroubra or Waverley, NSW, the son of Henry John and Dorothy Thompson, later of Bondi.

    Played as a Hooker for: Eastern Suburbs, NSW

    Profession: Bank Manager or Builder

    Remarks: Attended Paddington School. One of three Eastern Suburbs International players killed in the War. Represented NSW 6 times v Queensland and twice v New Zealand. He played for NSW 10 times. Played in the Eastern Suburbs Premiership team of 1913.

    His brother Charlie Thompson played for Eastern Suburbs and NSW after the War, including a NSW tour of New Zealand in 1921.

    War service: 1659 Private, 13th (New South Wales) Battalion, Australian Imperial Force.

    He was killed in action on 29 May 1915, and is buried in Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey [Grave III. F. 8.].

    NB Australian Rugby – the Game and the Players indicates that he was born in Maroubra, and killed in 1918 [no date] but none of the AIF’s “F Thompson” casualties in 1918 fit the profile of a person born in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The soldier above seems the most likely.
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    OK Gareth !

    I've been looking for this man for hours ......................... :eek:

    I think it's time to try a new tack ..... is this his brother Charlie ?

    Charles Thompson
    Full name Charles Edgar Thompson
    Born circa 1896, Sydney, NSW
    Died circa 1965
    Major teams Australia
    Position Prop

    Tests 1922-1924 6 6

    Career statistics
    Test debut Australia v New Zealand Maori at Sydney, Jun 24, 1922
    Last Test Australia v New Zealand XV at Sydney, Jul 16, 1924
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    Also you said that Frederick was .....

    But everything I've read on line says .....

    I'm wondering if it might be better to try and follow Charlie and see if we can find out who his parents are ... then that might give us a better chance with Frederick ..... of course there is a chance Frederick is a non commemoration too !
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    Charlie Thompson was Fred Thompson's brother.

    I don't know Bob Tidyman - if he played against Great Britain in 1914 he would have been a Rugby League player, probably from Eastern Suburbs RLFC - a very different body to Eastern Suburbs RUFC.

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    Desperatly looking for a photograph of this man. Does anyone have one????? Many thanks

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