Francis Joshua of the USS.Nantucket During the Civil War!

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    I'm trying to find any Civil War Records of one of my wife's ancestors! His name was "Francis Joshua" and was from the Island of St Helena! I've attached a picture to this request message! Plus what I found below? Is there any "List of Crew for the Ships" that Francis was on Please? any further information would be most welcomed Please!
    On the Picture below! Francis Joshua is the 3rd one down! could any one tell me about this Paper Please? Could any one tell me what this Place of Enlistment Place is Please??
    Place of Enlistment: "Wabash"

    And would like to find out what happened to Francis? did he survive the Civil War? If any one knows any thing about the above! and would there be any photos of the Ship's Crew's he served on Please?? Was there any other ship he was on??

    Francis Joshua

    Place of Birth: St. Helena

    Age: 21

    Complexion: Swarthy

    Occupation: Sailor

    Height: 5' 8"

    Place of Enlistment: "Wabash"

    Date of Enlistment: Jun 19, 1863

    Term of Enlistment: 1

    Rating: Ordinary Seaman

    Detailed Muster Records:


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