forerunner to Flywheel club?

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by steve, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. steve

    steve New Member

    Hi to all.
    I am a new member, my first post, I hope it´s on the correct forum.
    My late dad was Gnr R A (bob) Cope with the 68 Med Regt Royal Artillery
    he like many others was captured at Tobruk 19 06 1942 and was sent I believe
    first to Stalag IVa and then for sure to Stalag IVb.
    Anyhow on doing a search for the Flywheel club on your site I found a reference
    on 07 02 2009 titled "Flywheel memories of the open road" and a ref by Kyt of maybe
    there was another similar club.
    The reason for this is I found in my dad´s stuff a membership card to an Auto club
    dated 1942 signed by T Swallow (attached).
    hope somebody finds this interesting.
    I also have found some photos of German troops and P O Ws at funerals and
    a few other things and if anybodys interested I´ll post them on the forum ( this forum
    or please tell me otherwise).

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  2. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Steve.

    Look forward to those photos.

  3. steve

    steve New Member

    Hi Spidge
    Posted some photos
    they are steves album titled POW funerals
    I will post more
  4. Clifford Monk

    Clifford Monk New Member

    Hi Steve Just seen your post. My Dad was Gnr N W Monk with 72nd Field. Regt RA. He was reported missing 4/6/42 in North Africa and was sent first as a POW to Italy and then to Stalag 4b ( have dog tag) and Stalag 4c. until released by Allied Forces 1945. Interestingly I have his Auto Club Camp Members Card similar to yours and it is number 182. Might they have known each other ?

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