Foreign Medals of Honor in WW2

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    I'm currently writing a novel based in WW2 and within the story several people are Swiss Army that have been pulled out to work on undercover projects.
    My question is did Switzerland recognize these military personnel with any honors or medals?

    I find most medals in Switzerland are shooting medals owing to the neutral stance. Does anyone have any information or resources I can check to learn more on this topic ?

    My dad was a Master Srgt in the Army Air Corps, Crew Chief on a C47's/later DC10 called the Flying Jackass. Bronze and Silver Stars. Wow, the things he taught me in how the Air Corps functioned and fought were hair raising.
    Some of the more colorful off duty stories were equally hilarious. Those boys got into a lot of mischief !

    Any information or links will be useful and appreciated as all I find are shooting medals.

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