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Discussion in 'Military Modelling' started by Adrian Roberts, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    I know this isn't a WW2 subject or even a military/naval one, but Keith and I were discussing modelling a few months ago, so I thought I would post some photos of the model that I have just completed.

    This is the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vessel Ellan Vannin.

    The model is scratchbuilt, entirely my own work, except for the anchor chain which is bought, and the brass ferrules on which she stands, which an elderly gentleman with traditional workshop skills turned for me. The rigging is grossly simplified of course; rigging is not my strong point but it has to survive in a living-room environment.

    The Scale is 1/16th inch: 1 foot. The original was 207 ft overall length, and 375 tons gross . "Ellan Vannin" is Manx Gaelic for "Isle of Man". She was built as the Paddle Steamer Mona's Isle 2 on the Clyde in 1860 and converted to a Twin Screw Steamer and renamed in 1883. On 3rd December 1909, she sank in an unforecast hurricane approaching Liverpool, after leaving Ramsey. All 36 people on board were lost; fortunately, being that time of year, she was only carrying 15 passengers; she was licensed to carry 300.

    I have had a couple of holidays in the Isle of Man and became interested in the story. Having been in service 49 years, she was was a huge loss to the Island; virtually everyone on the island who had been abroad would have travelled on her. They have never named another vessel "Ellan Vannin". Having said that, only five photos of her appear to exist; four that can be found on the internet, and one that the reference section of the Manx Museum found for me when I visited. A book was written about the loss: "The Ellan Vannin Story", by Richard Stafford, that the museum showed me, but that is mainly about the people involved rather than the ship. There is a plan of the ship in the book, drawn in 1998, but it differs from the photos in several respects, so I have used it for guidance only. There is also a picture of another model; no doubt the workmanship is better than mine, but again I really believe it differs from the photos. So I have used the photos as my main guide, and so clearly some details are speculative.

    It is nearly the centenary of her loss; I didn't make the model for that reason but having started it I thought I may as well try and finish it in time for the centenary. I may send in the pictures to the Isle of Man News, though I'm sure they have lots of home-grown information.

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  2. Keith

    Keith New Member


    Hi Adrian.
    She looks splendid,
    Deserves a prize
    We have an area down near the bottom of the forum which I opened for modelling and modellers, linked to "Your Collectables"
    I'll try to post a few of my marine efforts there.
    I'll have to dust them off first.
    About time.


    Keith DIII
  3. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Dusted off and shot! (camera)

    Hi Adrian,
    The weather has given me the chance to dust off, here's a general pic of some of my boating models.
    If the weather stays icy, I'll try to sort out pics of my other interests in modelling, planes and carts.
    Also scale furniture plus full size, but you may not find that interesting ?

    Keith DXX
  4. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Hi Keith

    These look very interesting! Is the second one back the Tirpitz or Bismark, or something else? And is that a "Brave Borderer" in the background?

    As to scale furniture; I'm fascinated by all models, and even a doll's house would interest me if it was a genunine replica of the real thing, like the ones you see in museums.

  5. Keith

    Keith New Member

    HMS Brave Borderer

    Hi Adrian,
    You are correct the model in the back is the fast attack ship, pleasant craft to model and sail with radio control, but I'm thinking of reorganising the power and putting in a second motor instead of the single one which is geared to accommodate the twin contra-rotating screws.
    In the foreground is a scratch built inflateable copy of the model of one I saw on the local canal, it is cobbled up using grey pipe insulation from B&Q and a model outboard from Hobbies that goes like stink.
    The other plastic is Bismark, which turned out to be an endurance test due to the hundreds of moulded bits to assemble.
    The white fishing boat is a model of the sort which is in general use off the shores of California, again RC but single screw.
    The two little oldies in the background are Keil Craft models of the Golden Hind and Santa Maria made many, many moons ago, I found one, unmade, untouched, still in its box, it must be at least 60 yrs old. Probably worth more unmade than made.
    I saw a model of the HMS Brave Borderer, made by an expert that really puts mine to shame.
    His was as the original with open guns etc, before refit, and the detail was out of this world.
    I may have a go at better detailing mine one of these days.
    Keep warm, we now have mainly clear main roads but treacherous side roads.

    Keith DXXI
  6. Keith

    Keith New Member

    For Adrian in Particular

    Hi Adrian,
    Just in case you didn't check my reply to your last

  7. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Thanks for sharing these Keith. Making powered, working models is something I have never got into; it would be a whole new skill for me.

    But, maybe when I retire, I may try my hand at powered and R/C models.

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