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    I came across this young flyer and I wondered if you had seen him before ... he came home to fight again !!
    Brave man !

    John Ernest Colepeper, 1900-1962, son of George Kopper Colepeper who emigrated to South Africa from Barbados around 1900, saw service in both World Wars, first at the age of 17 and then at 41. Photo was taken in 1917 in France when he was a 1st Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corp which was the beginning of the Royal Air Force. He flew the then fighters - the SE5 and the Sopworth Pup.
    (Source: Son, Ian George Colepeper)

    John Ernest Colepeper, son of George Kopper Colepeper who emigrated to South Africa from Barbados around 1900, was born 22 Sep 1900 and died 18 Nov 1962. He is pictured at the right in 1941 in Egypt when he was the Regimental Sergeant Major (W.O.2 ) of the 2nd Anti-Tank which was part of the 2nd South African Division in the Western desert. Most of these chaps got taken prisoner by Rommel at Tobruk, but John and his crew sneaked out during the night before Tobruk fell.
    (Source: Son, Ian George Colepeper)

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    Thanks, will add him
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    I found this ... but I can't find the CWGC .... but it has to be there !

    S.S South Western Crew

    Between the 16th & 18th March 1918 the South Western was sunk by the German submarine UB-59 in the English channel, while 9 miles SW from St.Cathrines Point, Isle Of Wight, U.K, while on voyage from Southampton to St.Malo, carrying general cargo.

    There is conflicting evidence about the sinking, of the S.S South Western. The book "Merchant Fleets Vol24" states that she was en route from Jersey to St.Malo when she was sunk, and had left on the 16th March. This date is an example of the difficulty with over night or en route sailings as she is recorded by different sources as having been sunk on both the 16th & 17th March

    All together 24 lives ( including one child of 15 yrs ) were lost, with only six surviving, including the Captain


    GOMES, Fireman, JOSEPH ALBERT, S.S. "South Western" (Southampton). Mercantile Marine. Drowned, as a result of an attack by an enemy submarine, 16th March 1918. Age 25. Husband of Ethel Gomes (nee Schooling), of 86, St. Mary St., Southampton. Born in Trinidad, British West Indies.
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    I was looking for another Frater ....

    Thought I'd post just in case ...... :rolleyes::)

    Name: FRATER
    Initials: W
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Private
    Regiment/Service: British West Indies Regiment
    Unit Text: 9th Bn.
    Date of Death: 03/12/1918
    Service No: 12098
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: XXXVII. A. 2.
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    Gomes, MNavy I had and Frater is one of the 1399 names for the BWIR I have - and looks like he was also one of the many victims of the flu
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    Hope I don't disturb you at the office Jerome ....... :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    But I came across this soldier /doctor while I was looking for somebody else .... thought I'd post in case .... !!

    Matthew Ignatius Thornton CASSIDY M.B., Ch.B. RAMC

    Annie :)
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    Dear Annie

    I loved reading your history of Matthew Ignstius Thornton because he married my great aunt Marie, I am William Egon Halman Beard's grand daughter. I'm wondering if he and Matthew didn't serve alongside each other, he was a captain in the RAMC and served at Ypres, Paschendale was injured them after recuperation sent back to serve in the Somme. He trained in Halifax before being attached to the Manchesters who witnessed and fought during the massacre at Ypres. Do you know which battalion Matthew served in it would be a nice thought to think they braved these horrors together. Also I would love to hear about aunt Marie apparently she was quite a character and I feel a real kinship for her being a woman ahead of her time as a professional doctor. Please do get in touch.

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