First World War and Army of Occupation War Diaries: National Archives

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    These War Diaries will give you a good idea of what was happening to the battalions on any given day/week !! .... fascinating !!

    This site is maintained by the National Archives. It provides access to a selection of war diaries from WW1 They are taken from the original series WO 95.kept by British and colonial units and regiments serving in battles between 1914 and 1922. The diaries offer daily reports of tactics, operations and accounts of military casualties. The database may be searched free of charge. Access to many of the full text documents requires payment. A research guide on using the database is provided.

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    Australian Army war diaries

    Interesting !!

    This site is maintained by the Australian War Memorial. It provides free access to a database of digitised images of war diaries recording the daily activities of units of the Australian army during the First world War; Second World War;the Korean War and Vietnam war. These were generally prepared by comanding officers and provide insight into the daily routine of the armed forces, some photographs and maps of battles, details of war casualties. Copyright information is displayed on the site.

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    Canadian War Diaries

    This database contains the digitised War Diaries of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) units. From the start of the First World War, CEF units were required to maintain a daily account of their “Actions in the Field.” This log was called a War Diary. The War Diaries are not personal diaries, rather they are a historical record of a unit’s administration, operations and activities during the First World War.

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