Fenrik Torstein P Raaby, DSO ~ Man behind the fate of Tirpitz .

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    [1918 - 1964] Born at the Myre, later known as Dverberg, as a SIS he completed his training and joined the Resistance movement, circa, 1943.
    When the German activities increased in the occupied Norway along with Arctic region, he hide himself in the village of Alta. Being a radio telegrapher he and another commando Karl Rasmussen, messaged regularly the detailed activities of the German warships and their radar installations. His such activities were full of danger since the Germans could get him at his undercover, his radio transmitter had been connected with German radio-antena.
    Meanwhile the RAF were desperately insearch of Tirpitz, these secrate messages enabled them to determind the location of the ship, the next of which, the final blow made it permanently disable, a huge blow to the Kriegsmarine.
    His Honors and Awards :
    Royal Norwegian Olav Military Cross(with sword);
    King's Medal for Courage in the cause of Freedom;
    Croix de Guerra(Fr) ..

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