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  1. lionzfire122

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    I know a lot of people don't believe me, but when I say I have actual guys on the inside, you know what I mean!

    There's a bunch of FEMA camps spread out throughout the USA. I heard they have very strict rules and have started collecting people. I think there will be a time they enforce the new microchip (you need this to buy and sell) another reason I left the military asap.

    I do believe in God, and he is against this chip, it's in Revelations.
  2. Diptangshu

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  3. lionzfire122

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    That's an eye full. There is so many things happening right in our faces it's unbelievable!

    God is preparing his people, and so is Satan. These camps are already being filled with immigrants for a reason, and homeless people, and of course doctors and such. When stuff hits the fan, they will put in force the new micro chip, in order of the New World Order. Watch out, this is the mark of the beast.

    Don't take anything in your right hand or forehead. Better yet, just trust in the Lord.
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  4. Diptangshu

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    All but we should keep our eyes open. Still expecting some more views from our members, regarding this !
  5. Kate

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    I have heard things like this so often over the years, so I tend to take it with a grain of salt unless proven otherwise. For instance, do you know who/what freedomfiles.org is and what they stand for? That's the first thing I'd investigate.

    I think that there have been so many conspiracy theories thrown around haphazardly over the years, that when the time comes that we *should* be alert, it's going to be like Little Red Hen or the boy who cried wolf, and no one's going to see it coming when it's bona fide.

    If they're claiming other things as well just to get some conspiracy action going, I usually back away. If they seem to show some kind of self-gain for getting everyone all riled up, same thing.

    So... if anyone would enjoy proving it 100% true, I'll gladly listen. At the moment, it's feeling a little bit like the stuff I hear about happening in the 50s that had people terrified and building bunkers.
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  6. avbodder

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    I've heard a lot of this sort of thing, but I don't put much stock in it. The idea that the government is competent enough to hide massive internment camps and a microchipping program seems ludicrous at best. The director of the CIA couldn't even hide his own affairs, the idea that the government could manage that sort of cover-up seems silly to me.
  7. Diptangshu

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    As I told earlier that I came across Agenda 21, here it is, what I've seen here. But I never find any authentic readables here, I quit.
    A lot of sites like this exists across the net and I believe it'll be a labor loss if go insearch of any authenticity!
  8. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Well, I checked into this a little bit... and I don't think I'll be wasting more time on it. Here's a link to a site that's rather well known... (oh, and those satellite images from the supposed "fema concentration camp" in Wyoming? Those images were from a camp in North Korea.) :eek:


    This has actually been going around for years.

    Um... that link you posted just tried to give me a downloaded virus... might want to check that out with a virus scan.
  9. Interrogator#6

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    Back in 1980, as some of you may recall, the government of Cuba had a sudden reversal of policy. They were allowing their citizens to flee via boats to the US. More than that they took this opportunity to release from prison "undesirables" and send them in the mix, alone, perhaps, with "agents" into the US.

    The Federal and State governments were unprepared for this influx. The US Army had to step in and assist the US State Department in operating camps scattered across the country to house and process these "civilian detainees." They did this rather than just allow these people free and unfeddered access to our shores.

    I suspect the FEMA camp situation is just an attempt to plan for more "civilian detainees" crossing our boarders, err, like is happening today.
  10. Allison

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    Where are these FEMA camps?
    I have heard these fears since the late 1970s. I still have not heard of the government taking anybody away unless they acted criminally and were convicted of a crime.
    God will never let us know in time if its the end of the world. Christians are not supposed to live in fear. We are suppose to always step out on faith alone.
    People who actively prepare for the end of the world are practicing an act of despair. Despair is sinful. Fear not unless there is concrete proof there are no FEMA camps.
  11. wulfman

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    I don't think its a subject that should be waived off. There is no proof they exist or don't exist.
  12. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Where are the FEMA camps? I don't rightly know. But former governor of Minnesota Jessie Ventura (also former Navy UDT and pro-wrestler and radio personality and actor) did a whole telivision programme on the subject. I found it on youtube.
  13. Diptangshu

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  14. GearZ

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    I've done work with community emergency management and I have yet see anything even remotely credible to support the whole "FEMA Camp" thing. As with anything else, I'm open to reviewing the evidence, but as Sagan once wisely stated "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

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