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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who died during The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Faure, Felix played for France

    Internationals: 3 : 1914 I- W- E-

    Felix Faure’s bithdate is unknown.

    Played as a No 8/Flanker for Tarbes

    Profession: Not known

    War service: Not known

    He died in 1916 after a leg amputation due to severe wounding.
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    As an aside ..... I was reading about Felix Faure and was thinking "what a way to go " !! then I realised the one I was reading about ...... was the President !! :rolleyes:

    Our Felix Faure is an enigma I'm afraid .... I haven't been able to find his war service either yet ! ... but I'll keep looking !

    Annie :)
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    We have seen this picture before with some of the others on it ... but Felix is there too !!

    Equipe de France who played vs England in April 1914 at Colombes... last international game before WW1 broke out... out of the 30 players, 11 were to be killed at war...

    The line-up of this team goes from Scotland to New Zealand... from Ireland to South Africa... (larger pic here) :

    3rd row :


    2nd Row

    Basil MAC LEAR (Irl), Blair SWANNEL (Aus), Charles Meyrick PRITCHARD (Wal), Ronald POULTON-PALMER (Eng) (captain), Jan (Jacky) MORKEL (AfS), Gaston LANE (F), Emmanuel IGUINIZ (F), Maurice BOYAU (F)

    Front Row:

    Jean LARRIBEAU (F), Walter Riddell SUTHERLAND (Sco), Marcel BURGUN (F)


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    I'm French and my great uncle was Paul Faure, a rugby player in Stadoceste Tarbais (Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France) and an international player in French National Team in 1914 against England, Ireland and Wales. I realise that many posts on several historic English and French groups make a mistake about his name and call him Félix Fauré. I don't really know why but I can affirm that Paul Faure was born in Aureilhan (Hautes-Pyrénées) on the 4th january 1890 (was the brother of my great-grand-mother) and he died also in Aureilhan on the 24th september 1918. He was an employee at the Société Générale bank. He was wounded during WW1 at a leg and was not able to play rugby anymore. In my family, people say that Paul didn't die of his wound but of "grippe espagnole". He got married on the 27th august 1918 with Marie-Jeanne DUBARRY and died without any child one month later. I'm interested with any detail of his life you could tell me.
    Sandrine, Tarbes.
    geneabraun at cegetel.net

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