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Discussion in 'Biographies' started by gmckee1985, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. gmckee1985

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    Who is your favorite war time leader in American history? It could be a president, or a general, or anyone involved in the military, really. A few of my personal favorites; George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, General Grant, and General Eisenhower. I think FDR does deserve a lot of appreciation for his role in WW II.
  2. gmckee1985

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    Kind of disappointed. No new replies so far. I know someone has to be interested in this topic. Been some great leaders in American history. Kind of hoping for more thoughtful discussion. Anyone have anything to contribute.
  3. machineryman

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    I'm not american but I respect what Eisenhower did in the WWII with the D-day in '44. A fascinating strategy even though the humongous number of soldier killed.
  4. thomas pendrake

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    Lee, Eisenhower, Washington. Of course, FDR was responsible for America being ready to save the world in WWII.

    Bus Jr. has to be one of the worst.
  5. GeeCee

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    George S. Patton. Blood and Guts. He understood that mobile combat would be not only the decisive factor in World War II, but also the future of all wars to come. The guy alos actually shot and killed two of Pancho Villa's top men. That's hardcore!
  6. TheApollonian

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    General Patton was such an icon it would be hard not to say that he was a favorite at one point. He really dressed like a general, so to speak with those pants, the helmet, the cigars and his never say die attitude. His whole facade was almost mythical a lot of US soldiers at that time had their own General Patton story. Also, Douglas McArthur might be lesser known but he had a lot of victories and alliances in Asia particularly in the Philippines.

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