Fallen Warrior Remains Returned To Gettysburg

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    This story has disturbed me... and most others who have heard it.

    It was recently discovered that an auction house was going to sell the skull of a Civil War soldier dug up at Gettysburg many years ago. Fortunately people got involved and even contacted the FBI about it, and yesterday the remains were returned to the authorities at Gettysburg National Park. There will be a burial in the National Cemetery with honors... 151 years late. It makes no difference whether he wore blue or gray at this point.

    The whole thing is disturbing on a few levels. Like who COLLECTS things like this? I mean really! It was from a "private collection" and the owner doesn't wish to be identified. (Of course! But there are ways to find out... and what *else* is the guy or gal collecting?!) And why would an auction house have to be *forced* into stopping the sale of human remains? Wouldn't it be a no-brainer? :mad:
  2. foodietr

    foodietr New Member

    This makes me emotional. The burial after 151 years is just sickening to read, how does someone do this or even have the heart for such things, is a deep rooted question.
  3. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Yeah, it made me emotional, too, @foodietr . The burial with military honors is wonderful... to finally be putting that soldier to rest. I'm hoping we can attend the ceremony.

    But the emotional part... the angering part is how could anyone *anywhere* actually make a conscious decision to COLLECT human skulls? It's sick. That was someone's son... maybe someone's dad. I just can't wrap my head around it.
  4. Strykstar

    Strykstar New Member

    I completely understand you Kate, it's sickening that this type of item is even being "collected", as if it were stamps or ancient coins.
    I'm glad to know that the right thing is being done and he is getting a military funeral.
  5. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    It can't possibly be legal... can it, @Strykstar ? I would have thought not... but then considering the collector was going to sell it via an auction house, wouldn't they know they'd get caught if it's not legal?

    Another thing that bugs me is that *other* people had to step in... regular citizens, and make phone calls, even going up to the FBI before this could be fixed. Why didn't the auction house make these calls?

    Anyone know if this is actually legal... or just extremely sick?

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