Falklands fraud

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by Kyt, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    He's not one of us - Cambridge News

  2. Golden Wattle

    Golden Wattle New Member

    Unfortunately, he's not the first, nor will he be the last.

    Lest We Forget.

  3. Keith

    Keith New Member


    Hi All,
    Seems he had an inferiority complex because of his actual insignificant service.
    However it seems he learnt something from his basic corps training to cook up a story like this.
  4. Golden Wattle

    Golden Wattle New Member

    Oh Keith,
    Your jokes are getting worse.:lol:
  5. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Jocular deteriation

    Hi Goldie.

    It's me age, I'm from a pre cool era.


  6. Golden Wattle

    Golden Wattle New Member

    Pre Fonzie?
    Is there such a thing?

  7. Cobber

    Cobber New Member

    Bar$^@rd Wannabes, cannot stand them and I have absolutely no compassion towards them.
    They are stealing the valour of every soldier from every nation that has ever fought in a war of any size.

    Down here we have ANZMI.com (Aust New Zed Military Imposter's) which have a very long list of names and shames the persons down here lying about service and medals by outing them publicly on their web site, and further if the need arrives.
    Check them out, I am sure that the Brits would have something similar and this guy needs to be on page one of Brit wannabe site for time being.
    , End rant
  8. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Pre Fonze

    Hi Goldie,

    I grew up with Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Gabby Hayes, Will Hay, Shirley Temple, Lassie, Laurel & Hardy, Buck Rodgers, and many more, at the saturday matinees, who were at that time cleanly, openly, honestly and warmingly entertaining.
    I am glad I had the priviledge of watching them.
    None of the mix of Hollyhorror, mayhem, sex and violence that we have today, thrust upon, influencing and educating the minds of our younger generation.
    What happened to love and honour?
    There you've got me all serious again, sorry.


  9. Golden Wattle

    Golden Wattle New Member

    Keith, Keith, Keith,
    You forgot Zorro, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Superman & Batman.
    Me only 50!
    Don't apologise, we need you oldies to keep us whippersnappers in line.

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