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    Anyone got a squadron for Derek Fowler? I don't think there were a lot of squadrons equipped with Fishingtons...:becky:

    Flight Lieutenant Derek Fowler, DFM | Times Online Obituary

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    DFM 1st Jan 1943

    1332209 Sergeant Derek Colin FOWLER, No. 38 Squadron.
    One night in October, 1942, this airman captained .an aircraft which attacked a convoy consisting of a merchant ship, a tanker and 2 escorting destroyers. In spite of a thick smoke screen, which completely enshrouded the convoy, Sergeant Fowler remained over the target area until, for a few moments, the smoke cleared and the tanker became visible. He immediately flew in to close range and attacked with telling effect. A violent explosion occurred and it was subsequently learned that the tanker was on fire. This airman has completed many sorties and has always displayed outstanding zeal and determination.
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    Flt/Lt. Fowler

    All I could find that fits the details are --
    A two ship Convoy escorted by T/Bs Lira and Castdelfidardo from Tobruk to Piraeus is attacked on 2nd October by British Torpedo Aircraft. The Tanker Rondine is hit and has to be towed by both escorts back to Tobruk.

    The Tanker Panuco sailing from Naples to Tripoli escorted by Destroyers Maestrale and Grecale and T/Bs. Dezza and Sitori. Was torpedoed by Aircraft 18th Oct. Initially abandoned, she was later towed to Taranto and repaired.

    28 October Convoy "J" a Transport and Tanker escorted by Destroyer Granatiere;T/Bs. Fortunale and San Martino came under Air attack and the Tanker Luisano was sunk by Torpedo.

    The Tanker Prosperino was hit with 2 torpedoes after being attacked by 5 groups of Aircraft on 26th Oct.

    Reference CHRONOLOGY OF THE WAR AT SEA -- 3rd Edition J. Rohwer
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    Squadrons for Derek C. Fowler DFM

    The various squadrons for Derek C. Fowler DFM are as follows.....38, 69, 77 and 635.
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    Hi. I have just come across your message. I have recently obtained one of your late husband's log books (post-War) from a militaria dealer. I'm wondering how it came to be on the market - can you set my mind at rest? Best wishes, David Morrison.
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  7. Yela "Peter" Fowler

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    I am afraid Derek's ex-wife sold all his log books. I would be very interested to buy the one you have if it is dated 1942-1945. Thanks and greetings, "Peter" fowler
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    Hi. Sorry to hear of the circumstances. This log book (small type) seems to commence in December 1945, and he is converting onto Dakotas at Whitchurch and Hurn, whilst still serving in the R.A.F.. Under the circumstances, it is for sale - you will need to send me email details (can you arrange this through our hosts at"Militarian"?).
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    Thank you, but being as late as that, it is not very interesting for me. I know he was converting on to Dakotas and eventually ended up at Croyden with Transair, and from there on to the Niarchos story. But thanks all the same. Greetings, "Peter"
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    No problem!

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