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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who served in, and survived, The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    This man is one of the more obscure players of his era, with his name not even certain.

    Gilbert, F G played for England

    Internationals: 2 : 1923 W+ I+

    F Gilbert was born c1885

    Played as a Fullback for: Devonport Services, Royal Navy

    Profession: Royal Navy

    War service: Presumably Royal Navy

    Remarks: Thought to have been England’s oldest ever player.

    He died on N/k
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    Frederick Gilbert - England
    Full name Frederick George Gilbert
    Born 1884, Plymouth
    Died December 11 1964, Plymouth aged 80
    Major teams England
    Position Fullback
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    581 Frederick Gilbert fullback 1923-01-20 v Wales at Twickenham
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    Thank you for that, you've done better than the compilers of the RFU centenary history. His war service is presumed, due to his being listed as serving in the Royal Navy.

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    Maybe I'll send Hugh a PM to ask him to take a look ........ he's good at finding obscure ones !! :D
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    Frederick Gilbert is my grandfather and he was also groundsman at Saltash Rugby Cornwall for 30 odd years. There are two black and white photos of the two Twickenham teams when they played Wales and Ireland which my father has. He didn't play against Scotland because of injury. There is also a document from Devonport Services all about my grandfather and his brother - he apparantly captained the first game between officers and other ranks. I believe he also was the first to have a cap for Cornwall and England. I will try and get more info for you about him.
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    HI Poppy, I’m Sonja Gilbert also a granddaughter of Fredrick George Gilbert. My father is Donald Gilbert, Fredrick’s youngest son born 1933. Dad has all Fredrick’s county and England caps in a display cabinet at home and is very knowledgeable about his life, his naval career during the war and the work he did until he retired. I also remember my grandfather. He used to take me out for a walk and I recall receiving sweets as a treat. I also remember the time when he died. A cousin of ours found your link and Dad would like to share his memories of his father if you are interested. For example, he told me his father was not born in Plymouth but in Turo, Cornwall where the family lived before moving to Plymouth on a horse & cart. Fredrick’s father was given a position with Royal Mail in the January following Fredrick’s birth. Due to the move Fredrick’s father registered his birth on arrival in Plymouth hence the assumption Fredrick was born there.
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    Hi there Sonja.I am Nick Gilbert the son of the late Roy Gilbert.Roy was the brother of your father Don and also of course my Grandfather.I remember seeing the caps on a visit to your fathers house.
    It was lovely reading your memories because I remember my Dad mentioning{I think} that he was one of the ball boys at the Rectory for an All Blacks match.I think also that Grandad was the Groundsman there after he left the Navy.I also think that Grandad never went to sea as he was always required for rugby.I see that in the list of England players from Devonport Services two Gilbert,s are mentioned.I did not know that Grandad had a rugby playing brother so I suppose this is him?.I will check this site regularly.Thanks

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