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Discussion in 'Latest News' started by The General, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Last week, I promised details of you all might benefit from our new alliance with Patriots of the American Revolution. Here's some big news.

    Special Offer for Members of The American Revolution Discussion Forums!

    Subscribe to Patriots of the American Revolution Magazine now, and $5 will be donated to the upkeep of The American Revolution Discussion Forums.

    Each subscription to Patriots of the American Revolution costs $27.95. To subscribe, click on the following link...


    ...and make sure to click on ?New Member.? Then type in the following promo code in the correct space: NEW110. Afterwards, click on your location, and hit ?Submit Securely.? You will then need to fill out the appropriate credit card and mailing information.

    Thanks for your help! Not only will you receive a subscription to an entertaining and illuminating bi-monthly magazine, but you will also help keep The American Revolution Discussion Forums up and running.

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    Thanks for the post, Eric! If anyone has trouble with the link or with filling out the information, just let me know. I'll be more than glad to help.


    Benjamin Smith
    Associate Editor
    Patriots of the American Revolution

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