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    Do you guys believe that the superior British naval army gave them an advantage over the Americans in the beginning years of the war.
  2. pietastesgood

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    I think that at the beginning of the war, the British fleet gave them an edge, if not in military terms then definitely in the distribution of supplies. By the end of the war, with the French helping and offering ships, the British advantage in this respect was reduced.
  3. Even with the help of France, the colonists were still not anywhere close to a match for the British on the seas. If the colonies hadn't been at least mostly self-sufficient, there's no way that ships from Europe could have provided enough supplies to do more than prolong the war.
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    From the source I have read many years ago when I was still in high school, it said the French navy helped to cut off British supply line which made major impact on the war.

    Other sources suggested that the French troops were the major factor in defeating the British in the Revolution War rather than the colonists themselves. The British surrendered to the colonists instead of the French just for the pointless humiliation to the French.

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