Edgar Ogilvie - New Zealand to Canada and Beyond

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    I would love to know the story behind Edgar going to Canada !

    OGILVIE, L/Cpl Edgar - KIA, elder s/o W P Ogilvie, Richmond, aged 25, born Auckland, attended Newton West School, later worked for S Barry, Optometrist - Canadian Expeditionery Force. [AWN 13.05.1915]

    In memory of
    Lance Corporal
    who died on April 25, 1915

    Service Number: 13370
    Age: 24
    Force: Army
    Unit: Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)
    Date of Birth: May 4, 1890
    Son of William P. Ogilvie, of Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, and Elizabeth B. Ogilvie.


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    I received this message yesterday ... now I definitely do need help !! :) ;) all information will be gratefully received !

    Thanking you in advance !

    Annie :)
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    From the Canadian Passenger Lists:

    He sailed from Sydney on the Marama and landed in Victoria, British Columbia on the 1st May, 1912. he then sailed on the same vessel to Vancouver on 2nd May 1912. He was “in Transit” and his intended destination was Philadelphia U.S.A.
    Edgar Ogilvie
    Aged 21
    Country of Birth: New Zealand
    Race: Scotch
    Occupation: Eye Specialist
    Intended Destination: Philadelphia U.S.A.
    Religion: Protestant.

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    Mo sent me a message to say that Edgar was included in a border crossing !! this is starting to get interesting !! :)

    Annie :)
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    OK lets see if this will work ...... :rolleyes: I got this message from wyzwords with a PDF attached .... I'll see if I can do it !!


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