Eddystone Disaster Victims Monument

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    Apr. 10, 1917
    Delaware County
    Pennsylvania, USA

    This monument near the Edgmont Avenue side of the Cemetery marks the final resting place for the remains of unidentified victims of the Eddystone Ammunition Works Explosion on the morning of April 10, 1917. A total of 133 people were killed in the explosion, mostly women and young girls. On that Monday, April 10th at about 9:55 a.m., “F” Building of the plant was torn apart by a terrible explosion where about 380 girls and young women were loading shells with black powder. One hundred and thirty-three persons, mostly girls, lost their lives in the explosion. The majority of the women killed worked in the loading room. The first explosion was followed by two smaller ones. Bodies were thrown in the air and some were found hundreds of yards away. The Chester Times published three extra editions the day of the explosion. At first, many thought the explosion was an act of sabotage as the United States had just entered World War 1 just days before the explosion. Fifty-five of the dead were never identified. More than 12,000 persons gathered here on the morning of April 13, 1917 for perhaps the largest funeral service in the Cemetery's history. The Eddystone Ammunition Company paid for all the funeral services. In less then two weeks the company was back to work. The mystery of the explosion was never solved. Decorations still appear at this grave site today - likely brought by descendants of some of these unidentified souls. Originally, there were 52 bodies laid to rest, but there were three more bodies added later making a total of 55 buried here.


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