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    Here, I will try to post something every day. I've decided to open a thread about each day in the Russian Military History. Or, at least, whenever I'm online, I'll post one event pertinent to each day.

    Anyways, since today is July 21st, I would like to write a little something on the Treaty of Pruth. It was signed between the Russian and the Turkish forces on this date, 1711, ending the one-year Russo-Turkish war of 1710-1711. The deal was that Turkey had to withdraw from the Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden (which Russia won, eventually, conquering the Baltic territories and influence). However, some Southern-Russian fortresses had to be demolished, following the decrease of the Russian influence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Which was short and absurd (and wasn't implemented, since the Russian forces stayed in Poland), since Russia totally controlled Ukraine, received Baltic territories, and, later on, in the end of the 18th century, the existence of Rzechzpospolita was seized.

    Peter the Great made a strategic move with the Treaty of Pruth:

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    1799, July 22.

    Alexander Suvorov conquered the fortress Alessandria in the Italian War. 105 cannons and 6 flags of the enemy were the trophies. 2.5 thousand of the French soldiers were captured.
    However, that success of the united Austro-Russian forces led by the Russian leader Alexander Suvorov was nothing more but the aid directed towards the Austrian Emperor (since the latter lost to Bonaparte in 1796-1797).

    1944, July 22.

    The Soviet forces terminate one of Nazi concentration camps in Poland - Majdanek, the second-largest concentration camp in Poland during WWII. 1 500 000 people went through the imprisonment in that camp, with 360 000 dead. After the war, the area of the former concentration camp was turned into a museum/memorial.
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    July 23. 1812.

    A battle at the village Saltanovka of the 7th Rayevskiy infantry corps against the 1st French corps of Davout.

    The first attack of the Russians on the village, where some French forces were concentrated, was defeated. It prevented Bagration (one of the main Russian commanders) from joining the main army. It led to a loss of 2500 soldiers from the Russian side and about 4100 form the French side.


    Lieutenant-General Rayevskiy leading his men into a battle. 1812.
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    Looks like I haven't been here for a while. I am really sorry for holding off - got a little busy lately. But, yeah, here it is, another day in the Russian Military History:

    August 2nd, 1946. General Vlasov, the leader of the "Russian Liberating Army" (ROA, in Russian), is hung by the Soviet authorities. ROA, underr his command, was aiding the Nazis in the fight against the Soviet Russia.


    General Vlasov is inspecting his "soldiers" (traitors of the Russian Army).

    Overall, around 130 000 of traitors were participating in that "army." All of them were acting separately, in remote distances apart form each other. They fought against the Soviet Army, officially, four times. However, they have probably aided much more often in the "SS" operations of annihilation and other attacks leading to a temporary German occupation.

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