Driver John Large 2/3 West Lancashire Brigade RFA

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    My grandmother was born Florence Louisa Lindfield in Eastbourne on 9th October 1897: mum thinks her dad was in a hosptal with "sun" in the name (not what you'd call an authoritative source)... She has said she will chat to her elder sister and her brother to see if they can remember any detail...or even better if they have any documents / photographs
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    Hi Mark !

    There is a book thats downloadable ......

    Britains Civilian Volunteers by THEKLA BOWSER, F.J.I.

    Serving Sister of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem


    Heres the link if you are interested or have a bit of time on your hands !! :rolleyes:

    The other thing I was going to say is ..... I wonder if it would be of any use to get in touch with the Red Cross ... they don't have anything on line I'm afraid - but heres the web page

    And the only other thing I can thing of is .... that you ask Sue Light on the forum ..... she has her own database of nurses .... and you may just be lucky !!

    Annie :)
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    Annie - thanks again - couple of things though - Sue doesn't seem to be on the memebrs list & the link doesn't work :-(
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