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    Driver Frederick Luke 37th Battery, Royal Field Artillery (Jointly with Driver Job Henry Charles Drain)
    He was 18 years old, and a driver in the 37th Battery, Royal Field Artillery, British Army during the First World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

    Gazette 24.11.1914

    He later achieved the rank of sergeant and served during World War II as a ground gunner with the Royal Air Force.
    Fred Luke was a guest of honour of 93 Le Cateau Field Battery shortly before his death when members of the battery were awed to meet this living legend. Gnrs R Pulman and Peter Jackson formed a special guard of honour on that proud day.
    For a number of years until his death on 12 March 1983, Frederick Luke was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living holder of the Victoria Cross.

    The medal is in the Lord Ashcroft VC Collection

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    Captain Douglas Reynolds And Drivers Drain And Luke Winning The V.C. For Saving A Gun At Le Cateau.

    On August 26th 1914, the Royal Field Artillery did some magnificent rearguard work and saved the infantry from destruction. The guns were fought until the advancing German masses were right on the gunners and the guns had then to be abandoned. Captain Reynolds, of the 37th Battery, however, meant to save his guns if it were humanly possible, and he brought up two teams in the hope of bringing at least two guns away. The men of one team were shot down, but Captain Reynolds and Drivers Drain, Gobley and Luke limbered up one gun and started off. Gobley, driving the centre pair, was hit almost at once, and then Captain Reynolds showed great resource by riding alongside the unguided pair and keeping them in hand.

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    10th November 2009 ... unveiling of statue for his comrade !


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