Douglas Bader

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  1. Keith

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    No set of WWII biographies would be complete without him.

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    Ah that's true, but from our previous conversations I don't think I am most suited to add to it yet :becky:
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    Well heres his Dad ..... he died of wounds in 1922

    Medal card of Bader, Frederick Robert

    Royal West Surrey Regiment Captain
    Royal Engineers Major
    Royal West Kent Regiment


    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details
  4. CXX

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    As this thread relates to Bader thought I'd post this regarding the delivery of his leg in 1941.

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  5. liverpool annie

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    Oh wow ! ... is that real CXX ? .... can you image seeing that come floating down ??!! :headhurt:
  6. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Can't remember where I downloaded this from, so sorry about the quality.
    The man and his machine,
    Because of his later title, maybe I should say, the knight and his steed.

    Have a lovely time tomorrow.
  7. Brian S

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    Perhaps from another Forum, but seems to have originated from AIR 4/210.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. Kyt

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    Thought I'd share some pics from Wire and Worse: RAF Prisoners of War in Laufen, Bibarach, Lubeck and Warburg 1940-42 by Charles Rollings

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  9. NickFenton

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    Was it 139 Squadron's Blenheim's that did this drop?

  10. Kyt

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  11. spidge

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    The German officer in the photo on the left talking and smiling to Bader looks like Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes[​IMG]
  12. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi All
    I am nearly finished Douglas Baders biography by John Frayn Turner.
    How many people are now aware that he was given his Knighthood, not for his courage, service and leadership during the war but for his continuous and unstinting service to the disabled of many countries, regardless of age, colour, creed, country, religion or background.
    No-one was ignored if they needed his help and encouragement.
  13. Gage

    Gage New Member

    He was a brave and resourceful man, no doubt.
    But I never really liked him, especially after Bader and Leigh-Mallory shafted Keith Park. Big wing indeed.
  14. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi Gage,
    I have read two biographies on Bader, the first glorified one titled "Reach for the Sky" and the second by John Frayn Turner called simply "Douglas Bader",which I feel is probably the better of the two.
    Bader to me comes over as a very good manager, in all respects of people and resources.
    His first consideration was always the welfare of his men, whom he would always lead and never pushed, but through his unquestioned skills at formulating the rules and strategies of combat flying and fighting for that era, saved many of their lives.
    If you read of the way most of his team, who progressed to positions of command, respected and followed his lead in re-writing combat tactics, carrying them through to their own teams you may understand the soundness of his leadership.
    Not once have I seen a report that any of the men placed under his command had anything but the utmost respect for his judgement and leadership.
    Like any skilled innovator and expediter, Bader made a few enemies with people who did not function at his level of efficiency.
    His steadfast adherence to duty and loyalty, were without question.
    I personally have the utmost respect for his handling of the situation in which he was placed, and like many great men of that period, turned out to be the right man, in the right place at the right time.

  15. Gage

    Gage New Member

    Hi Keith.
    I think maybe I don't like him that much is because I don't know enough about him. It's just he was on the finges of the BofB and he was a POW for a fair while and other pilots get overlooked. And they don't get the attention that he receives.
    Yes he was a bullish man but so was Gibson but I have more respect for Gibson.
    I hate the way Dowding and Park were treated after BofB and in part I see Bader playing a very small part in that. And the more I learn about Leigh-Mallory the less I respect or like him.
  16. Heidi

    Heidi New Member

    Hello Cage.
    I am confussed! I have read that Douglas Bader was an ace and a legend in his life time,but i have came across members and now you're self, saying they did not like him and one member said *I Hate Bader*.
    He must have done something really bad,which books and information web sites don't mention at all.
    What did he do? I am so curious.

  17. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi Heidi,
    The only thing that was wrong with Douglas Bader was that he was highly focused on the job he had to do.
    He would do everything and anything to speed things up where, in most cases, high priorities were being ignored by the people in charge for a comfortable life.
    His task and his men were to him of the highest importance.
    He was a leader, and would never ask his men to do anything he wouldn't
    or couldn't do himself.
    His demanding manner to achieve his goals did not sit kindly on quite a few people who were lacking in his foresight or urgency.
    What you can be sure of is that there were very few who could match his skills in wartime flying, capabilities, loyalty and consideration of the task in hand and his men.
    I have never read in any of the post war memories written up by his own men, many of whom rose to very high rank through what they learnt in his charge, where any of them had anything but the highest regard for him.
    On the other hand I have read some carping remarks from others who were possibly jealous of his many faceted skills.
    His qualities for caring and securing help for the disabled continued long into his return to civilian life.
    I personally hold him in high regard.
  18. war hawk

    war hawk New Member

    What is wrong with all that.? I think those are good traits to learn if you command a squadron.:clock::madgrin:
  19. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Heidi !

    If you Google Douglas Bader there is a lot of information about him .... or go to the library and read a couple of books about him and the men he was surrounded by .... and then make up your own mind about him !

    As in all jobs there was a lot of politics going on at the time ... there were men who were much admired who got the "short end of the stick " during and just after the war ..... I really think that everybody has their own opinion and it's good to discuss those opinions now and again ... but in the long run ... YOU are the one who decides what you think about certain people !!

    Annie :dance:

    PS I don't think anybody here said they "hated Bader " ..... thats pretty strong words !!
  20. war hawk

    war hawk New Member

    I did not see that either.:banplease:

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