Dogfights Series Returns To History Television

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by RAF21, Dec 12, 2009.

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    For those who may have missed the previous airing of the outstanding Dogfights series it is returning to History Television Sunday night @ 8pm.

    Episode 1; World War I saw the birth of a new type of combat: the dogfight. Aces from almost every nation take canvas and wire bi-planes into battle and pioneer new tactics. German ace Ernst Udet goes 1 v. 1 with Georges Guynemer. Werner Voss takes on an entire squadron of British aces...and American ace Arthur Raymond Brooks finds himself in the dogfight of his life. State-of-the-art computer graphics, first-hand accounts, rare archival footage and original shooting will help to make the viewer feel like they're in the battle, facing the enemy.
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    Great series RAF21.

    Thanks for posting.


  3. RAF21

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    Upcoming episodes feature Dogfights from WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War.

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