Do You Believe The Holocaust Happened?

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by teamrose, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Falcon1

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    According to many "witnesses"/whistleblowers the Extraterrestrial Draconian Reptilian humanoid beings have taken over world leaders' bodies since several thousands of years ago, and these entities allegedly likes to create wars among Earth-humans. According to David Icke, these Extraterrestrial Draconian Reptilians disguised as Rothschilds like for example Prescott Bush and people behind Bank of England financed Hitler's enormous Nazi military industry, and that Hitler himself is a Rothschild too. David Icke agree that the Holocaust took place, but that he think that the Jews suffered at the hands of the Illuminati created Nazis. These entities are called Reptilian Shapeshifters, and one of them allegedly also took over Bush Jr.'s body and he is allegedly behind the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, and according to insiders of the U.S. Government they confirm it was Bush Jr. who ordered the attacks on the Twin Towers.

  2. Normandy

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    There is no doubt the holocaust happened, i think only anti-semantic people think it did not. I have no time for people who deny facts but I do understand why people (though I am not one of them) can look suspiciously at Jews or any other race thats overwhelming mantra is the purity of their race (wasnt that Hitlers goal too?) There are many forms of racism in the world, Hitler propagated one form and many races and religions do the same today but with our collective blessing. If my daughter were to tell me she was marrying a black man and I opposed it on the grounds of that mans color then I would rightly be branded a racist pig. But if a muslim or jewish family did the same based on the purity of their religion or race then that is completely acceptable in today's society though I would like to beg to differ. I had a friend in England who was beaten up by a girls brothers because he was not of the same race as them and she was disgracing their family.

    I am not trying to forward a political or social message here, but until we really are all look upon one another with total equality regardless of a persons race, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc then we will always have the perfect breeding ground for someone like Hitler to disseminate his filth.
  3. Kreiger

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    Are you saying of the multiple holocausts both present and past the Jewish holocaust takes more precedence in world view and recorded history ? Pretty much stating that the only holocaust that is taught and publicized in our time is the one of the Jews in WWII? Not calling or assuming your an anti-Semite.

  4. Kreiger

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    you think religion has anything to do with never ending warfare for man ?
  5. Rigby44

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    The Holocaust numbers were significantly higher than 6 million. Revised figures upwards are the result into recent research in killings in sub-camps and villages. The difference between Holocaust victims Jews and Roma, is that they could not escape even by changing their religion or supporting the Nazis. The holocaust was in the ideological beliefs of the day race-war. That the Holocaust happened is as certain as the Earth goes around the sun. It's denial is the wishful thinking of anti-semitic writers and anti-Zionists. But FACT can never be distorted to fit an ideology without undermining the very ideology it seeks to uphold.
  6. cavtrooper

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    well,actually,the holocaust pales in comparison to the genocide committed by Stalin and Mao
  7. Alexander

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    Human life and death on point scoring cards. An obscenity in it's own right.
  8. cavtrooper

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    well,I'm not trying to make light of the holocaust by any means-it certainly was tragedy on a mass scale-but the communists slaughtered over 100 million
  9. Jordan H

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    First of all, don't you think it would be difficult to make the world believe your army killed 6 million people? I know people were a little skeptical during the time, but still, it seems slightly ridiculous that someone would make something like this up. There is revealed evidence of the Holocaust.

    What about the memorial sites for people lost during the Holocaust? They aren't fake. People are actually buried 6 feet in the ground there.

    So yes. The Holocaust did in fact happen. There is a book called Night that was written by a Holocaust survivor. You guys should check it out.
  10. 2times

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    Yes I believe that the holocaust happened. How could so many people just die like that? Of course it happened! If there are so many people saying the same and similar stories like that, then it definitely happened!!
  11. Yorf

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    I don't have any immediate family that was effected by the events, but a friend of mine is jewish and I believe his great grandparents were survivors. I don't think they ever went to the camps, but they managed to escape the country before such ill fate came onto them.
  12. Peninha

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    Reading this thread title gives me the chills, if I believe that the holocaust happened? Is there anyone that does not believe? It's recent history and it's well documented, so no real reason for no one to believe, sadly it's one of the darkest pages of our history.
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  13. Yorf

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    Yeah it's come to me as a suprise that there are people out there who do not believe that it ever happened. Never figured out why somebody would even question it.
  14. Peninha

    Peninha Member

    I think it's the industry of counter-information Yorf, it's happening in many areas of our society, like global warming for example, so why not denying the holocaust? If we say a lie many times it tends to become a truth these days.
  15. foodietr

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    It is a very silly question to ask if the Holocaust happened or not. There is concrete evidence, based on land, water and the records stating the number of deaths that occurred. Also there is photographic evidence of the brutal killings by the Nazis. Moreover, there is concrete records of statements and because of the Nuremberg Trial, the accused are all hanged.
  16. Peninha

    Peninha Member

    The post that starts the thread does place other pertinent questions:

    "I believe the concentration camps in Germany killed millions of people. Poles, gypsies, religious dissidents, and Jews. Of course I also believe we landed on the moon and there are probably aliens in flying saucers. The pertinent question to be is not did a holocaust happen but how should we do things differently because of that? Does the US subsidize Israel forever and fight all of the Arab countries for it because of this?"

    The relation between Israel and the US is totally dubious to me, they seem to agree in every single question, so I do wonder if they are in fact separate countries. As for fighting Arab countries, I think economic interests take a big part there.
  17. Strykstar

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    I think holocaust deniers are, plainly speaking, just crazy!
    It's incredibly disrespectful for all the human lives that were lost to think that.
    It might be some mental health issue where they are denying it because they can't cope with such an incredible massacre.
  18. Peninha

    Peninha Member

    I don't think it's possible to discuss holocaust deniers, some people refuse to accept the truth and there's nothing we can do about it, so we should not even bother that they are telling lies, but I do agree it's totally disrespectful for those that lived it and survived it.
  19. Kate

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    One thing I've noticed ever since this "denier" thing started is that some people eat, live, and breathe controversy. I call them sandpaper people and they will come up with an argument for anything and everything. Their childish "joy" is in bucking the system by going against the norm. It doesn't matter that millions of people were missing, or that the "chambers" are still standing.

    Thousands of stories from people who were there and have numbers cut into their arms... ah, what does THAT matter when there's a conspiracy theory to get involved in? That's how the sandpaper people think.

    Personally I think conspiracy theories can be fun to think about... and some of them have some meat to them. But whoever decided that *this* would be a good topic to start one must have sandpaper for a heart, too.

    Disrespectful to the millions dead, yes... but also to the few survivors that remain who have to listen to someone saying that what they went through and the horrors they saw "really didn't happen." It's ludicrous!
  20. Peninha

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    Nothing to do about them really, but to ignore them. On the other hand, people who defend Nazis are going a step further and it's like wanting it to happen again, so I'm glad it's illegal in Germany.

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