Do You Believe The Holocaust Happened?

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by teamrose, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Kiamoko

    Kiamoko Member

    I am 1/2 Roma and am always saddened that this is not brought up more. While i am upset that other cultures lost their lives it upsets me that the "gypsy" is still looked upon as less than a person. This goes on every day and nothing is being done to stop it. Racism is racism no matter what culture you come from. I would love to see the same efforts put forth to shed light on the Jewish Holocaust also being put forth to bring the plight of other cultures into the light.
  2. mlacombe

    mlacombe New Member

    Of course it happened. I don't understand how people can think it didn't. I agree that many people focus on the Jews tragedy during WWII and don't realize what others went through. I have no idea if Stalin was worse than Hitler. I think they were two disgusting people (loosely saying people) cut from the same cloth.
  3. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    WW2 made life hell for everyone in Europe. Some people suffered even more than the Jews. Some ethnic groups were even wiped out completely. What we need is an unbiased representation of history.
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  4. Kiamoko

    Kiamoko Member

    I could not agree with this statement more. As i said while i sympathize 100% with what the Jewish people went through. I do not understand why other groups of people are never talked about more. How could so many different groups of people make up the same horror story if it were not true. Yes some things may or may not have been blown out of proportion but sometimes to shed light on a situation..white lies need to be told.
  5. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    How many people have even heard of the Porajmos?

    Took Germany almost 70 years to acknowledge it.
  6. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    Yes, it happened. We have reams of evidence. And, the aid that Israel receives from the USA now is not some sort of pay back for the lives that were lost then. We aid Israel because they are our current allies and they are surrounded by enemies who bomb them repeatedly. I can't really believe this question is still being asked.
  7. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    See... this is quite complicated. More Jews live in the North America than in Israel. And only 75% of the Israeli population is Jewish. After the WW2, Germany paid repatriations and compensation to the Jews (unlike their other victims like Serbs and Roma). So I don't think the US has to make any extra contribution because of the holocaust.

    Really? Go to anyone of the 53 Islamic countries. None of them recognizes the right of Israel to exist. I doubt they recognize the holocaust as well.
  8. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    It is exactly that fact that necessitates our defense of Israel.

    Actually, it is quite simple. Israel is a tiny, lawfully established and civilized nation in the middle of hostile territory. I, for one, stand with them. I hope our government will use all of it's military might to defend them, if needed. With Obama in power, that is certainly not a given. You, Vladimir, have every right to stand with the 53 Islamic aggressor nations, of course.

    I will exit this thread now, because I know from experience where the conversation goes from here and my blood pressure is rising. Good night to all.
  9. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    That's because Jews made a bigger deal of it than the others. Many of them are spread cross the global in other countries, and some of them are holding high positions or having high influence in the host country's politics.

    I don't know how true it is, but many people seem to think Hollywood is controlled by Jews.
  10. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    Don't want to generalize any ethnic group. So I am not commenting about the Hollywood.

    But still.... the European governments at that time were also responsible for the plight of the Roma. For example the British and American governments made huge hue and cry about the plight of the Jews, but they expressed no concern about the Porajmos.
  11. tripletaker

    tripletaker New Member

    The Holocaust did happen and theres more than enough evidence to prove it. US soldiers have visited the concentration camps and there are more than enough pictures to prove it. The survivors have also told stories about it. Among the best stories to prove it is "Night" by Elie Wiesal in which it clearly displays what happened during the war and how the victims were treated.
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  12. Giorgios

    Giorgios New Member

    I most certainly believed this happened. Many claim the images were edited to appear as such, when it simply does not add up. Who would take all this to fake such a gruesome event, only for many to slander the event. Rather than continuing to fight whether it happened, let us not forget those who perished during this time.
  13. Margaret

    Margaret New Member

    If my late Father was still alive, I wonder what he would say to Holocaust deniers considering he entered the Bergen-Belsen camp in April of 1945 with the 11th Armoured Division.
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  14. alycat

    alycat New Member

    Jews stole Palestine off the Palestinians, what do you expect?

    My answer to this thread---I ignore Jews now because they only care about themselves nobody else. I personalty think Israel and USA are 21st war criminals and I hate the fact that my country supports these two countries. This means the holocausts is 70 years old and we all should be looking at current holocausts.

    Someone ask if Hollywood was run by Jews? Yes it is!
  15. alycat

    alycat New Member

    Totally agree!
  16. alycat

    alycat New Member

    quote-I will exit this thread now, because I know from experience where the conversation goes from here and my blood pressure is rising. Good night to all. end quote.

    You make my blood boil just after reading one of your posts. Please learn politics! You don't even know Israel was actually Palestine = the Palestinians during and before WWII. Israel was created after WWII in 1948. Are you aware of the Palestinians and the Gaza? Oh my God!
  17. aghart

    aghart Former Tank Commander Moderator

    Indeed, the German "Final Solution" was to deal with the "Jewish problem" Many others perished in the camps, but the death camps were created to kill Jews on an industrial scale.
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  18. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    Didn't the French and British take the land now called Palestine from the Turks? It is silly to say the Jews took any land in my opinion. Didn't the U.N. officially create Israel? I don't know why people get so confused about this issue. It is a matter of history.
  19. The Jews did not steal the land from the Palestinians; many Jews were removed from the land by the Romans in 70AD and others were moved into the land. The same thing happened under the Babylonian and Assyrian empires. The creation of the state of Israel was giving them back the land that was promised to Abraham and his descendants by God about 4000 years ago.
  20. Dave501

    Dave501 New Member

    Dont see point of people refering to other wars in relation to WWII, or the holocaust which of course happened and hard to talk about for its brutal cruel mechanical methods, it awnser what someone said thats maybe why it gets so much attention, and that it was caught on film and so well documented and fairly recent, too much to say, such a terrible crime against HUMANITY, think a letter was found buried one camp, just said "t he truth is worse

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