Do you believe the Axis could get alone forever if they have won the war?

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by vashstampede, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. vashstampede

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    If the Axis had won the war and took over the entire world...

    Do you believe they will be at peace with each other for long?
    Judged by the nature of the Axis powers. Both Germans and Japanese think they are superior beings. The Germans think they are a master race, even far beyond the other Europeans, while the Japanese think they are far superior than everyone else including other Asians. This alone can't get them alone for very long. They would eventually having a conflict amongst themselves. And it possibility happen not long after they have "conquered the world".

    In this case, they would have a full scale global war, which I believe Germany should have the advantage on the land especially on the Eurasia continent. Since Germans fought their war through armored forces of allies, their tanks were upgraded continuously and they were superior with their Tiger II, Tiger, Panther, etc. Japanese forces had tanks from 1930s era, and they were no match for even Sherman.

    At the sea, it might be a different story. Japanese navy with carrier groups should have a lot more experience than the Germans, and as an island nation, Japan's navy is huge compare to Germans'.

    However, I predict before they can take each other out, there will be a lot of rebels among the countries previously being taken over by them. These rebels could take place all over the world away from the main conflict between the two foes. As they would see the fighting between the two Axis powers as an opportunity.

    In the end, it can be hard to predict the "final" outcome. What do you think might happen?
  2. Peter T Davis

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    I don't believe there is any plausible scenario in which the Axis powers could have conquered the whole world. I don't think that was their aim. Hitler was, of course, a madman and would have continued until he self-destructed himself and his people, whatever happened. The Japanese, on the other hand, were more interesting when it came to what their goals were with the war.

    The Japanese were wanting to create an empire in Asia, probably modeled on the British Empire from the nineteenth century, or maybe something like the empire China is building today through economic means. Probably more like the British Empire, though.

    The Japanese leadership believed that if they were to capture enough territory quickly, that they would be able to negotiate a favorable peace treaty with the Americans which would have allowed them to gain control of territories such as the Philippines, and with the British to gain control of important places such as Singapore. It didn't quite work out that way for them, though.
  3. Jeff

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    The Germans would just think that they are more superior than the Japanese and vice versa causing just another conflict.
  4. martin673

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    Their mistake was that the Japanese should not have bombed pearl harbour in 1941. The Japanese thought it would strike fear in the hearts of many Americans, but it raged them with anger, which caused America to join the war and this was fatal for the axis as America had far superior resources than any other country in the world, this was their downfall.
  5. Agrippa

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    Oh, you meant 'Get Along... with each other, if they won...'

    Well, there's a lot of if's in order for the Axis to win the war. Foremost of which is - If the USA did not join the war
    Then - If the Germany did not attack USSR
    And, IF the rest of the world would let the Axis win.

    Frankly, this thread should be in the 'WHAT IF' section of this forum.

    But granting that the AXIS won the war, they will strive to get along in order to consolidate their respective empires. The Japanese would be contented with Asia and its resources. Now, if the terms of surrender of Britain would include India, Australia and New Zealand then Japan would have to deploy assets to control that vast territory. Germany and Italy will carve up Europe and Africa.

    The result will be three major powers, to wit, the USA, USSR and the AXIS. The latter two may just strengthen their already established peace treaty in order to contain the USA and its former allies. Actually, the USSR would have no choice as it would have AXIS forces on both sides.

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