DNA identifies WWI digger

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Antipodean Andy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Antipodean Andy

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    This chap's mates were identified earlier - http://ww2chat.com/forums/barracks/356-wwi-diggers-laid-rest.html

    Wonderful news.

    DNA identifies WWI Digger | NEWS.com.au

  2. liverpool annie

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    It certainly is wonderful news !! :) ...... there has been much debate recently about DNA matching to identify soldiers - do you think it can be denied to the four hundred found in the mass graves in Fromelles ? ...... or do you think it will it all come down eventually to the bottom line - cost ??

  3. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    I haven't kept up with recent happenings since the discovery at Fromelles. Are they saying they won't be attempting to ID them? Perhaps it is too hard given there are supposed to be Australians and British buried together? Having said that, it would only be families with missing relatives coming forward to be tested. I can't speak for the UK govt, but I would be very surprised if the Australian government decided not to attempt to ID these men.
  4. liverpool annie

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    Hello Andy ! ... there is a long thread here to settle back with a cold one and read if you're interested .... lots of opinions from Australians and British ..... also families etc ..... nothing is ever straight forward is it ??


    Lambis hoped it would be easy !!

    Annie :)
  5. Antipodean Andy

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    Thanks Annie. Only pop onto GWF from time to time.
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    Hi all,

    It's fascinating to see DNA technology used for this purpose. That after nearly a century, we are able to identify such remains still astounds me.


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