Diplomacy Over Middle East - WW1

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    Contribution of Lawrence towards the unification of Arab[Pro WW1] and its impact to the Allies diplomacy keeps an importancy .This led to the Allies to cover extensive fixed bases at Egypt ,Syria…upto Turkey and Middle-East on Pre- WW2 years cost a lot to the Axis in later years of ’40.Lawrence met Feisal in ’17 and Feisal met Allenby in ’18 at Damascus.

    Now the question how important his campaign was ,Was he the only person towards the reconstruction of bogged down Allies Diplomacy in Middle-East ?Why the French ignore Feisal at Damascus after V P Conference but the Allies kept interest?

    I think his campaign only enable halt ‘Axis at Afrika’ and other middle eastern countries(oil-the heart beat of WW2),since Allied holds most of the strategically high zones earlier.
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    I think the whole allied thinking with regard to the middle-east was pro-empire as opposed to strategic. France and Britain had large colonial holdings under threat and consequently the Gallipoli campaign was born. Far from an attempt to force a flank, it was an opportunity for the allies to move troops to look after the likes of Syria, Algeria,Egypt, Trans-Jordan etc etc.
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    This has a high significance,which felt strongly in Australia and New Zealand[observed as ANZAC Day-25th April].Since the birth of Australia['01],their mental independancy actually born after Gallipoli Campaign.That fierce fighting may be called D-Day Warm up.

    ANZAC Cove also keeps highest significance and its importancy is no less than Normandy.

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