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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by cameronpalte, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. cameronpalte

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    There are newer technologies coming out which had a big difference. Do you think that they made a big effect on the overall scheme of things. And do you think the technology made a big difference.
  2. pietastesgood

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    I'm not quite sure what you're trying to pose with your question, but if you're saying if any new technology had any effect on the outcome of the war, I don't think it did. Most of the technology used in the war was old, just muskets and mortars. Besides, the colonies didn't exactly have a lot of funds for R&D, considering they hardly had enough funds to keep the army afloat. I do think that submarine was invented around this time, but it was more or less a failure.
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    I believe the rifle was coming into vogue as the Revolution proceeded - expensive and not common, but still, I'm sure it had some impact on the war. Unparalleled accuracy compared to the average musket of the day, and actually allowed a soldier to aim where his bullet should hit, whereas before it was more group spray-and-pray. The 'Whites of the Eyes' line became popular because of muskets.

    As far as other developments, I think the Revolution was a bit dated in technology. It wasn't really until after the war people had a chance to really experiment.
  4. Technology was a factor, but not so much new technology as the fact that the colonists and Brits were more or less on the same page in the tech they had available, even if the colonists had less of the equipment. If the colonists only had swords and bow and arrows, it probably would've turned out a lot differently.
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    Americans had rifles which were vastly superior to the arms of the redcoats, and they were capable of using them well. American soldiers shot at individual soldiers, while the redcoats shot at armies. We made better use of shot and powder. We also didn't insist on making our troops easy targets. We had been trained to fight by those "pesky redskins". No wonder we name sports teams after them. Too bad we couldn't treat them better.
  6. Peninha

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    Wars were won and lost due to technology. This happened first with guns, than with planes and finally with nukes. Today it happens with technology most people haven't heard of and it will continue to happen for the time war exists.
  7. thomas pendrake

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    Wasn't it a Jewish-American folksinger who said "If God were on our side, He'd stop the next war"?
  8. Peninha

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    I really can't say, but what the people that say stuff like that ignore possibly is that God gave us free will, so we are responsible for our own actions, like the poor state of our planet shows.
  9. thomas pendrake

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    The actual quote is "If God's on our side He'll stop the next war". Bob Dylan was speaking to those who justify war by calling on the name of their god. Calls to mind Jonah being angry when God didn't destroy Nineveh after they repented.
  10. thomas pendrake

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    Back to the actual topic, it was technology, tactics, motivation, and logistics. Think of Napoleon and Hitler trying to invade Russia by land. The Brits had to cross the Atlantic by ship. They then had their soldiers, dressed in bright red uniforms, stand in rank while our marksmen shot them from behind shelter. Many of those soldiers weren't even British but were paid mercenaries.

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