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    Based on the true story of the Bielski Partisans, but highly condensed and dramatised so it will fit into 2 hours.

    The Bielskis, working class Jewish boys with a penchant for smuggling and other petty crime, come home to find their village has been ethnically cleansed by the local Belorus police in concert with the Germans.

    They gather groups of survivors and flee deep into the forest where they become partisans.

    I would highly recommend this film. It is one of the few Hollywood productions which show those who resisted, rather than go quetly to the showers.

    It also has some interesting observations on partisan leadership, logistics and morality.

    Youtube trailer here: YouTube - DEFIANCE Trailer #2 HD (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber)

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    Saw a trailer for this a while ago and was not overly blown away by the "look" of it but was intrigued by the story. Glad to hear it is bringing a relatively unknown (from my point of view) group of people to light.
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    Did you see the movie Defiance ABMM?
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    Still haven't got round to watching this film. But I have heard it is good.
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    I've ordered it on DVD from

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