Dead Mans Penny (help Needed)

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    Hello, I have been a keen metal detectorist for the best part of 30 years. My main interest is in the older items that i find, but now and then i unearth something Militarian that has to be reaserched. As i am no expert in this field i have joined this site to hopefully gain some help and knowledge from other more experienced members. I have recently found such an item It is a Memorial plaque (dead mans penny) I un-earthed it on a farm track in a field near dartford kent. The name on the plaque is Albert Harry Warren, My research has told me that he was born on 10th Feb 1890 in Croydon Surry, He was a Rifleman in 10th Battalion Rifle Brigade, his Service number was 1981 and that he died on 6th september 1916 at the age of 28 in France, he is buried at Corbie communal cemetery extension, plot 2, row c, grave 34 . I would love to find his military records and anything relating to his time in service but I can't seem to find anything and don't realy know where to go from here. I feel Since Albert and i have come together in this inexplicable way I owe him the respect of resurrecting as much of his story as possible. ​
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    Unfortunately, I can offer no help or advice whatsoever, what I can offer is by best wishes and hope that you succeed in this noble mission.

    It would be interesting to find how his penny became 'lost'.
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    Well,the effort must be appreciable. :)
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    he is in the 4th Battn, Rifle Brigade in Egypt according to the 1911 census.

    No service record for him on Ancestry. His medal index card indicates he landed in France 20th Dec 1914 which would have him still with the 4th Battn at the time.

    Looks to be an inmate/scholar in an industrial school in the 1901 census.

    One of 5 children in the 1891 census. Father Thomas listed as a Railway Engine Stoker.
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    Died of wounds on 6th September, reported by OC of Number 5 C.C.S.

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    headstone in Corbie Communal Cemetery & Extension

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