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    I am curious about the animals used in the wars, I'm looking for information and knowledge.
    The main animals I want to understand is the horses.
    But more importantly the gun team known as "The Old Blacks".
    Does anybody know anything about them?
    Or point me in the right direction on how to find some information?

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    Great links, Diptangshu! I love the images. Especially the one of the horse being loaded onto a boat! One doesn't often think of horses or the cavalry being used in WWII. Interesting stuff...
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    Thanks a lot Skyblue ........ for viewing there .... anyway,these animals were great ,since they had done their best.Who knows that 8 million war-horses perished alone in 1917 , about 100,000 been slaughtered by the end of War 1 !! @ !!

    November 11 is the remembrance day for those fallen heroes..

    We will be happy,if those sites just serve the purpose.


    Towards, in search of ... '' The Old Blcks'' ... obviously, as far as my knowledge goes ..

    Thanks a lot.
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    My great uncle, Frank Vans Agnew MC was a trained farrier, among other things, before he joined up (and he'd been in Roosevelt's Roughriders), so he saw the war quite often from the horse's point of view. He wrote from the Somme in 1916 'Our cause of water trouble here is the German airbomb or shell descending (with a splash) into tanks or pipes, for all our water has to be piped miles across this devastated country, and when you have 20,000 horses watering at one set of troughs every day the importance of it is manifest.'

    And it is, when it's been pointed out, but it's not an aspect of the war I'd thought about before!
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    Speaking frankly,I hardly imagine ever that I could hear from a person like you,being a descendant of such a family.

    Another important thing[though its off-track,for this thread,here] it was Baker,who convinced Wilson to disband the newly formed four divisions of volunteer infantry unit, made up of fresh entries and Rough Riders,probably the end of US Cavalry Divisions[1st USC.1st USVC & 10th USC of the US-Spanish War]..

    A nice site worth to visit ::


    Thanks .

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